Professional Liability Insurance Coverage A & E Georgia

Seeking the services of an independent architect & structural engineers company serving Georgia to go over all your insurance choices is among the very best things you are able to do for your business. If you’re in the design profession, it’s absolutely essential to have insurance. However, many people underestimate just how important it is, additionally underestimating how devastating to your career as well as your business’s future protracted litigation can be. Many architects and engineers don’t realize that just one lawsuit is capable of completely destroying a small firm and go without insurance totally. Many of individuals who thought they are able to prepare for their business’s future are totally unprepared for the worst case scenario. If you’d like the best protection for your business, it pays to find the best possible option, especially when you’re thinking in the long term. You don’t want to leave the future of your business in just anybody’s hands. For the best possible protection, get in touch with Fenner & Esler, a leading independent architects & structural engineer insurance broker.

Engineers Insurance

Fenner & Esler has a earned well-earned reputation as a top E & O insurance broker for AE’s. We’ve earned this standing by providing comprehensive risk-management solutions through top architects & engineers insurance for more than thirty years. Your business is unique. Because of this, it has unique needs, and something we are well aware of and prepared to deal with at Fenner & Esler. The fact that we’re an independent insurance company means that we are able to provide professional liability insurance for engineers at a level that’ll fit the size of the firm and the scope of their jobs. The professional liability insurance for engineers we are able to provide is extremely economical because of this. With the one size fits all alternatives you find from bigger architects & engineers insurance brokerages, you find that you either fall into the category of not having the services you need or finding that you’re paying large amounts of money for services which you aren’t need. If you consult the experts at Fenner & Esler, this isn’t going to be the case. There are more benefits than merely finding the best options as well. Your policy can be easily scaled to suit your precise needs, should they change. Are you looking for effective insurance alternatives that are additionally going to be highly individualized to fit your requirements precisely? Make the choice so many others make and get in touch with Fenner & Esler today. For an architects & engineers insurance company that understands your needs, there’s nobody else you’ll need but Fenner & Esler.

Architects Insurance

To individuals in the design profession, working with an independent architects & engineers insurance company offers many benefits. We’re easy to call and communicate with, and will strive to make all your options as clear as possible with highly personal service, unlike large companies you’ll locate online. We also have a considerable amount of expertise dealing with firms just like yours, as well as the fact that we can find insurance options that will suit your exact requirements and save you money. We can help ensure you are assuming a minimal amount of liability when taking on new projects thanks to the risk management services we are in a position to supply.

Architect Insurance

Even when an allegation is unfounded, the economic devastation that could come from such a legal conflict makes architect & structural engineer insurance essential. As defending against charges of negligence can cost thousands of dollars, engineers professional liability insurance gives architects and engineers the peace of mind that comes from understanding their legal expenses are covered in the event of litigation. We provide scalable policies, so you do not end up paying for services which you do not need.

Engineer Insurance

Also, EPLI for AE’s is something we offer. That is something which is very important for several firms to consider, but many fail to. Most professional design firms employ assistants and secretaries to make sure the office runs smoothly and work is completed efficiently. It’s a sad reality nonetheless that allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination do come up in even the closest of architecture and engineering companies. An incredibly devastating effect can be had on any firm when extensive litigation comes into play. When you’re a small to medium size firm this is especially significant. Never take ensuring the future of your business lightly. To protect your practice from the remarkable cost of litigating and settling these suits, we offer reasonably priced, high quality.

Engineers Insurance Company

We provide insurance solutions for a different professionals in the design industry at Fenner & Esler. These choices include:

  • Architects Insurance
  • Engineer Insurance
  • Structural Engineer Insurance
  • Environmental Consultants Insurance
  • Surveyor Insurance

Make sure Fenner & Esler is your top option for an independent architects & structural engineers insurance company.

Insurance Engineer

We are proud to offer NSPE members, ACEC members, and AIA member firms employment practice liability insurance as a top architect and engineer insurance company. Saving you tens of thousands of dollars in premiums, we offer insurance policies approved by the AIA, NSPE, and ACEC of the finest quality. Possessing NSPE members, ACEC member firms, and AIA members employment practice liability insurance along with our customized risk management strategies means it will be easy to look towards the future without worrying about possible lawsuits.

Architects Insurance Broker

To get the best protection for your firm with architects & engineers insurance, it is in your best interest to locate a quality architects & structural engineer insurance brokerage with substantial experience working with the design business, like Fenner & Esler. To offer you full safety, Fenner & Esler’s staff of architect and engineering insurance industry specialists has got the expertise to set you up with the most economical coverage in case legal action is taken against your company.