Fenner & Esler is an industry leader, specializing in environmental engineers insurance. After more than 30 years of providing errors and omissions insurance for engineers and architects professionals, we can attest that our experience is what makes all the difference. Whether your company is a major firm, or just starting out, our track record proves our dedication to being the best professional liability provider for Environmental Consultants nationwide. No matter what the challenge, F&E provides environmental consultants insurance programs custom tailored to your needs. At F&E, we’re not just brokers- we are environmental consultant insurance specialists. Let our years of experience and expansive resources help you to ensure your business will grow by securing your future with the proper protection. F&E is an independent insurance agency representing numerous “A” rated carriers that can provide customized, competitive, and flexible coverage. We will keep you up to date with industry standards as your partners in risk management, providing you with confidence and peace of mind.

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F&E: Specializing in Environmental Consultant Insurance

Most professional liability brokerages for environmental consultants don’t offer solutions suited to everyone’s needs. With limited options for insurance coverage, many profesionals are overpaying for their environmental consultant insurance coverage. Even worse, many are just “going bare” simply because the insurace coverage that they need is not affordable. F&E has a solution: Blue-chip professional liability insurance coverage from a company that knows environmental consultants. We offer quotes from multiple carriers, so that you have options and flexibility when it comes to your Errors & Omissions coverage.

As an Environmental Consultant, why do I need Errors & Omissions Coverage?

Professional Liability Insurance protects Environmental Consultants and Environmental Consulting firms from financial damages arising out of lawsuits resulting from negligence and mistakes related to the completion of professional duties. Environmental Consultants’ Insurance should provide coverage (up to the dollar limit specified by your policy) for claims including legal defense costs as well as financial damages related to the case that affect the Environmental Consultant or Environmental Consulting firm. Without E&O insurance, you can expect to pay for these costs on your own, and these damages are often far more than most professionals can afford. Many clients actually require that the Environmental Consultants and Environmental Consulting firms that they work with obtain Professional Liability Insurance coverage in their contracts because they want to make sure that all risks for errors are covered. Simply put: these clients want to know that they can rely on you to do the best job you can and protect all interests in the case of a mistake. It is also common for these contracts to require that the Professional Liability Insurance coverage extends for years after the work is completed since it is likely that any problems may arise long after the job is done. Maintaining the proper Environmental Consultant Professional Liability Insurance policy is probably one of the most important decisions of your career.

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Fenner & Esler is an industry leading provider of Professional Liability Insurance for Environmental Consultants.