Becoming protected by architects insurance is one of the best things that a responsible architect can do for his or her business. It provides security and also lightens the burden of potential errors committed while executing a project. If it happens that you have made an oversight, a lawsuit can be filed by the client against you alleging errors or omissions on that project. Some lawsuits against architects have no validity at all, but still require significant legal defense to clear the record. So, aside from the liabilities that you and your firm may incur, the cost of fighting against the claim and paying for the legal defense can be quite burdensome. In this sense, you have to know that you can lessen the weight of your risks by transferring the responsibility to your insurance company.

For architects, architect insurance, or professional liability insurance, is an absolute necessity. There are many insurance companies that you could choose from and buy a policy that agrees with your needs, but Fenner & Esler has a long history of servicing architects and the built environment. It is important that the coverage being offered to you is comprehensive and clear; that there is no ambiguous explanation on what you can get from the package that is being provided.

Contact us today to speak with experts in built environment liability; our breadth and depth of experience can not only help you save costs but give you real peace of mind knowing that you are well protected. It is best that you seriously consider researching exactly what you need and what type of coverage plan give you the best benefits.