Professionals rely heavily on their skill and expertise in their discharge of their profession. There are, however, eventualities that might not be within their control. In some cases, some unforeseen events happen that negatively impact the contracts that these professionals get into. The field of geotechnical or soils engineering is no different from any other professional fields that are exposed to this risk. To protect yourself from the financial burden that could result from the occurrence of these risks, geotechnical engineers should cover themselves with specialized professional liability insurance. Our policies cater to the particular needs of geotechnical engineers. Geotechnical engineers, or soils engineers, should make sure that they are adequately covered so that they can be accountable for what could happen in the discharge of their duties.

Geotechnical engineers, or soils engineers, are licensed professional engineers who have completed the necessary education requirements as well as on-the-job training in order to gain competence in the field of geotechnical engineering. Normally, a four-year civil engineering course and a masters degree are required before a graduate is allowed to take the licensure examination. This practice involve a number of tasks critical in ensuring that an engineering project complies with the necessary requirements as to the structural integrity given existing subsurface earth conditions. Aside from investigating the soil and rock conditions in the particular area where a structure is to be built, it is also the geotechnical engineers job to discern and determine how particular materials would interact with these conditions and as well as how it would impact the proposed construction. This is extremely important as these factors ensure that the risks to humans, property, and the environment are eliminated or minimized in case of the occurrence of natural hazards. It is the geotechnical engineer that determines the kind of foundation, earthworks, and pavement subgrades to be used in the proposed structure so that no harm is caused to anyone or anything.

A geotechnical engineers professional liability insurance coverage policy is needed by professionals performing these duties to protect them from the financial brunt of personal or property damage found to result from an unwillful negligence of their duty. Normally, soils engineers professional liability insurance coverages should be held for a number of years as incidences of structural inadequacies are usually found out years after construction projects have been completed. A geotechnical engineer, therefore, has to choose his or her insurance provider well in order to make sure that he or she has adequate coverage for the duration needed. Reputable insurance companies would have an architect or engineer insurance to cover for errors and omissions that they could be litigated for. Fenner & Esler Insurance Agency specializes in helping engineers and engineering firms assess the kind of coverage they need for geotechnical or soils engineers professional liability insurance.

Getting in touch with us is the first step to assessing your geotechnical engineers professional liability insurance needs. A proper assessment of the kind of coverage needed will enable the us to provide a quote that is tailored to your particular situation. Depending on how much the customer can realistically finance any obligations that could come about with the implied risks, the amount of coverage and premiums can be adjusted. In this way, adequate protection is put in place without putting undue strain on the part of the engineer and the engineering firm.

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